40 Days of Seeking God

We are glad that you are interested in observing Lent with us! Read below to understand what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how you can join us.

  • A Church-wide initiative

    Eagleville Bible Church is passionate about its attenders seeking God at all times! We desire for those that attend to have a vibrant and growing faith, and we exist to help everyone experience a great life in Christ. One of the ways you can grow in your faith is to observe the Lent season along with us in 2021. 

    From February 22 through Good Friday (April 2nd) we will be observing a dedicated time of increased self-examination and observance of Spiritual disciplines in order to prepare our hearts for the celebration of Easter. It is our desire that collectively we would follow a Devotional plan, and observe Days of Fasting throughout these 40 days.

    Here are the dates especially set apart for fasting, called Fast Fridays, and the Prayer focuses on those dates:

    • 2/26 - Health Issues
    • 3/5 - Marriages & Families
    • 3/12 - Churches (Unity, love, protection, fruitfulness, etc.)
    • 3/19 - Wisdom for Living
    • 3/26 - The Gospel (for the lost to be saved!)
    • 4/2 - A Spiritual Revival
    You are encouraged to eat dinner on Thursday evenings, then to set aside food for a 24hr period to observe the fast. If this is not feasible for you, then we would encourage you to set aside something else of significance to you that day (maybe your lunch, or coffee). Along with Fast Fridays, we are encouraging everyone to choose something to fast from throughout all of the 40 days (e.g. television, Social Media, sweets, bad language, alcohol, etc.) in order to more fully seek the Lord. 
    "Fasting is, indeed, feasting. When we have learned well to fast, we will not suffer from it. 
    It will bring strength and joy." (Dallas Willard)

    Charity is also a big part of the observance of Lent. We would encourage you to look for opportunities to be generous during the 40 Days of Seeking God, and one way to do that is to consider giving towards the Vine Food Pantry at the Good Friday service at Eagleville Bible Church on 4/2/21 @ 7:15pm. (If you would like more information about the Vine Food Pantry, click here.)
  • youversion bible plan

    Collectively we will be following a Devotional plan on the YouVersion Bible App/Website called, Easter: The Worship Initiative. If you want to gain access to the Church's plan, just click the Bible icon to the left and it will take you to the Church invitation page. If you want to follow this plan on your own or with just your family/friends, click here

    If you do not have YouVersion, then we would encourage you to download the YouVersion Bible App from your App Store. If you do not have a smart phone, you can access the plan by going to the YouVersion website here and create your own account. 

  • More about Lent

    Lent is a time of repentance, fasting, and preparation for the coming of Easter. It is a time of self-examination and reflection. A lot like Advent at Christmas time, Lent is a time to open the doors of our hearts a little wider and understand our Lord a little deeper, so that when Good Friday and Easter come, it is not just another day at church but an opportunity to receive and celebrate more fully the overflow of God's grace upon our lives.

    Although its format has varied throughout the centuries and throughout different cultures, the basic concept remains the same: to open our hearts to God's refining grace through prayer, confession, fasting, and charity as we anticipate Holy Week.

    Lent is also an opportunity to contemplate what our Lord really did for us on the Cross, and ultimately, the purpose of Lent does not stop at sadness and despair - it points us to the hope of the Resurrection! 

    We pray that you will gain much Spiritual fruit as you join us in this initiative to seek God together!