Lent devotional

Starts march 2nd!

40 days of seeking god

We are doing a Church-wide devotional that will take us 40 days to complete during the Lent season. This devotional is designed to get us into the Word and to collectively reflect upon the importance of daily connections with our God and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Please click onto the Bible link in order to join the plan. (Search for "Lent First15" under plans if the page does not automatically load for you.) 

Scroll down for more instructions.

Fast Fridays

Join us every Thursday evening directly after dinner until Friday at dinner for a 24 hour fast (i.e. I eat at 6:00pm on Thursday and then don't eat again until Friday evening when I eat dinner again at 6:00pm). This is designed to create a more focused approach to prayer and seeking the Lord. 





PURPOSE – That we, together as a church, seek a closer walk with God and build good spiritual disciplines into our lives. 


Lent is a time of repentance, fasting, and preparation for the coming of Easter. It is a time of self-examination and reflection.”


Like all Christian holy days and holidays, it has changed over the years, but its purpose has always been the same: self-examination and penitence, demonstrated by self-denial, in preparation for Easter. Early church father Irenaus of Lyons (c.130-c.200) wrote of such a season in the earliest days of the church, but back then it lasted only two or three days, not the 40 observed today.” – Christianity Today


WHEN?  March 2nd through April 10th (Good Friday)


DAILY BIBLE READING  – There is a Lent Bible Study you can do individually or with your spouse and/or family.


We are encouraging everyone to go to the “YouVersion Bible App” and download that to your phone or personal device.  Once you open the app, you will see a “check mark” above “PLANS” at the bottom of your screen.  Hit that.  On the next screen, type in “Lent First15” into the search bar and it will show up.  Start the plan! 


FAST FRIDAYS – We will take Fridays as a special day to fast and seek God!


Eat on Thursday night and then give it 24 hours until you eat again.  If that is not feasible, perhaps give up lunch or coffee.  Make some sacrifice for that day.  Info on fasting prep will be available at the information table and online @eagleville.church


3/6 – Focus on Health Issues

3/13 – Focus on Marriages and Families Let’s pray for God’s blessing on families and marriages.  Let’s pray for marriages to be healed

3/20 – Focus on Church - Let’s pray for our ministries to thrive!  Let’s pray for unity, love, protection, fruit, and a deepening in the knowledge of God’s Word

3/27 – Focus on Wisdom for Living – What does God want us to do?  Where do we need His guidance?

4/3 – Focus on the Gospel - Let’s pray for those who don’t know Christ, to come to know Christ! 

4/10 – Focus on Spiritual Revival for our personal lives, for our county, for our country!  Let’s be in prayer for our Easter services! 


PERSONAL SACRIFICE - What is one thing you can give up for that 40 days?  Examples would include social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc), pizza, bread, pasta, sugar, pop, saying anything bad, cookies, alcohol, chocolate, fast foods, meat, chips, etc.  Ultimately you have to decide! 


CHARITY– Give to the VINE at the Good Friday Service