Prayer Guide

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Please copy this page URL, or bookmark it (it is hidden and made specifically for you who are praying!) so that you can use this page as a Prayer Guide whenever you seek the Lord in this way. Use this as a guide as a helpful resource during your time of Prayer. These topics are only suggestions, please do not feel that you have to use them. We want you to be seeking and sensitive to the Spirit on how He is directing your prayer times. This guide is only intended to assist you.

  • Church

    • Pastors
    • Ministries
    • Members
    • Unity
    • Resources

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  • Government

    • President
    • Law-Makers
    • Governor

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  • Revival

    • Spiritual Awakening
    • Repentance
    • Wayward hearts

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  • Families

    • Marriages
    • Children
    • Granparents
    • Relationships

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  • Local

    • Businesses
    • Schools
    • Assisted living homes

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  • Missionaries

    • Resources
    • Ministry opportunities
    • family & relationships
    • Health

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