Jesus tells us, in His, "Great Commission" (Matthew 28:19-20), that we are to take the Good News into all of the World. Here at Eagleville, we take that very seriously and are highly involved in supporting numerous missionaries all over the planet. We currently support 13 various missionary works. When you tithe to EBC, part of that money goes to supporting these missionaries and thus you are helping fulfill Jesus' command. Please also join us in praying for these various efforts.

Supported Missionary Works:

John and Vi Mikolaj - Nepal

Christian Faith Academy - Ashtabula, OH

Tim Cowley - Africa

Jim Eberline - Uruguay

Craig, Renee, and Oskar Hamer - Estonia

Steve Koproski - US (Athletes in Action) 

Pat and Wanda Melton - Japan

Kouami Midekor - Togo, West Africa

Steve and Susan Oswald - US (Word of Life)

Mike and Jenny Patterson - US (COME)

Rick and Marilyn Perhai - Ukraine

Bob Sendgikoski - Zambia

Dave and Courtnee White - US (Campus Crusades)